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Only by Rachel H. Drake

Find your Creature Craving with Only, a male POV guardian angel forbidden romance novella with a twist.

About Only:

The rules of the guardian angels are as follows:
1. Do not reveal yourself to humans.
2. Do not speak with your true voice, instead only your whispers.
3. Use your whispers for the good of your charge, not for personal gain.
4. Do not form attachments, you must move on.
I have broken all of these rules, for her.

Tropes and kinks in Only include forbidden romance, squirting, and a virgin male main character with sensitive wings.

Potential Triggers to Consider:

  • Murder committed without remorse by both side characters and main characters 

  • A dangerous stalker subplot with implications that this character would have disregarded consent and has in the past 

  • Discussions of leaving a system that was created to help people, but was missing the mark 

If you like to read possessive and protective men in fiction and like morally grey main characters, plus want your romance to include a lot of spice, you would enjoy Only by Rachel H. Drake in the Creature Cravings series.

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