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All About Delilah, the Magical Cat in Bite

Updated: Apr 27

Welcome Little Creatures to an inside look into the characters of Bite, the fourth release in the Creature Cravings series.

Photo by Kristina Flour.

Since Rosie is a witch, I wanted to include a few particular practices and witch experiences in the book. Rosie having a familiar was one that was important to me because of how connected I feel to animals and my practice using The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck. (affiliate)

Enter Delilah, the magical cat. A delilah is a type of dahlia, shown below.

Photo by Irina Iriser.

There are three characters with names or nicknames after flowers in the book. Otto makes fun of this fact, calling them a garden: Rosie (Rosalen), Marigold, and Delilah.

🌸🐈‍⬛ Delilah, the magical cat, can read auras and communicates psychically with Rosie in Bite.

Speaking of, Bite is available to read now! Order the book direct on

I played with a cat very similar to Delilah when with my sister this weekend.

This is Moonshine. Coincidentally when I was petting Moonshine, my sister said something that is almost EXACTLY what Rosie would say in the book about Delilah. She hasn’t read it yet, so it was a fun moment.

“Technically, she isn’t my cat. She just lives here.”

Moonshine is related to one of the two cats that I based Delilah on 🐈‍⬛

  • First - Bluebird (related to Moonshine and actually belonging to my sister) sits on my sister’s shoulders as she walks around the house like a cutie parrot. I based that behavior for Delilah on Bluebird.

  • Secondly - my cat Pokiemans, that likes to sit and watch in judgment of everyone around her. Imagine if she was looking through us and actually judging our souls?

Delilah likes to travel and when she is in town, she stays with Rosie and helps her with spellcraft.

Delilah happens to visit Rosie during the events of Bite and meets Otto, our favorite vampire. How do you think she will react to him?

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