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Creature Cravings Series Relationship Web - Reading Order Option

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

How, exactly, are each of the books in the Creature Cravings series connected? Find out using the relationship web.

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Welcome to the relationship web! As books come out, we will connect more characters and books together.


  • Rosie is the shopkeeper for the occult shop The Crystal Witch shown in Haunt and Only.

  • Kiera in Blaze is the half-sister mentioned by Emily in Haunt.

  • Otto in Blaze is Rosie's ex-boyfriend, who comes back as the love interest in Bite.

  • Astoria in Only is Rosie's cousin, while her love interest Cole is the guardian angel of William in Haunt.

With this web, you can decide to read books based on who is featured and how each character has met.

Which relationship are you the most interested in so far?

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