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Entering my Alien Romance Era - About my New Book, Saved by My Alien Romance

Updated: Apr 27

Are you ready to join me in my alien romance era? My first release that is unconnected to the Creature Cravings is in progress now. And it's an alien romance!

"Let go of my wife, if you want your planet to survive."

Meet Haven, the alien prince that has come to save Delphine Lastley from a dying Earth.

Saved by My Alien Husband is a sci-fi smutty romance. It is a stand alone (as of now), full novel length, and set in the distant future where the world is messed up beyond repair, with humans living in protected domes on the brink of extinction.

Delphine Lastely, Saved by My Alien Husband
Delphine created with Midjourney

Every citizen is sorted based on aptitude tests when they turn 23 into the savior or server class - the people working to save the world, and those that serve them while they do it.

Delphine Lastley always knew she would be a server, not smart or popular enough to be chosen to save the world. Not that popularity mattered, supposedly.

Delphine’s only companion is her imaginary friend, an alien named Haven that she visits in her dreams. Haven was offended every time she told him he wasn’t real, so Delphine stopped mentioning it.

For a decade, he’s said he was coming for her.

She never believed him.

But right after Delphine has been sorted as a server, a ship appears in the sky, and Haven steps out... 😮

Just wait until you see what happens next.

If you enjoy dystopian worlds where people are segmented into groups like Divergent and love smutty other-world romances like Ice Planet Barbarians…meet Saved By My Alien Husband.

Are you ready to start reading?

I’m premiering chapters in early access form to my Patreon Community. The prologue - chapter three are live already and I plan to share up two-five chapters a month starting in April, until the book is complete.

And every patron gets an alien sticker to celebrate the book if they join before the end of May 2024! Click here to see it. This is for all patrons, even international, new patrons and currently subscribed ones.

If you've never checked out my Patreon before, it's a $3 monthly membership that gives Little Creatures access to behind the scenes posts from me, early access to content (like this new alien romance!), and ebook copies of each book at the same time as ARC readers. My Little Creatures get the scope first on Patreon.

Read Saved by My Alien Husband as it is released on Patreon now.


When will the book be available outside of Patreon?

  • SBMAH will come out on retailers two-three months after the story is complete on Patreon. I am starting to work on this book as my main focus now in March, I will likely finish it in May, then I estimate the book will come out around July 2024. This is an estimate.

Is this a spicy romance?

  • Yes! All books under my Rachel brand have a focus on smut, so Patron subscriebrs must be over 18.

How long is the book?

  • SBMAH will be a full-length novel, that is longer than novellas in the Creature Cravings series. I estimate it will be double the size of books in the CC series because there is a lot of world development in this sci-fi romance.

Are you excited? Any questions about the book? Fun predictions?! Let me know and I'll add more to the FAQ and post.

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