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How Reviews Help your Favorite Authors 💞

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Hello Little Creature, have you left a review of your recent reads?

Whether you have or haven't yet, I'm going to share with you why it matters, so you know why the authors you follow online spend so much time asking for reviews.

You can directly influence a book's success. Let's celebrate that by sharing with you how it works.

Reviews on Amazon

Did you know that reviews help unlock new features for books on Amazon? When a book gets to 50 reviews it is more likely to be prioritized in algorithms on big retailers like Amazon.

The content of reviews can also help drive Amazon SEO. So if you say in your review that a book has the "one bed trope," for example, when someone searches for that trope they may find the book you recommend.

Reviews and Book Promotions

Some websites that feature book promotions for newsletter advertisements are on an application-only process. They may read the reviews before considering a book, or only accept books that have a certain number of positive reviews.

When you leave a review, you are helping give social proof to advertisers, so your favorite books have more options to reach new readers.

In the case of indie authors who are considering moving to a traditional publisher, reviews can also help the book get sold to new companies.

Reviews Influence Sales

In a sea of books (millions and millions of them), it can be hard to stand out. When considering similar books in a genre, readers may look at reviews to be their determining factor. It's similar to videos on TikTok or Instagram Reels, reviews help share what stands out about a book and then the reader will know if it's a book they would enjoy too.

Every review helps the stories you love succeed, even if you have some critiques to share, the things that bother you in a book may actually be what another reader loves to read.

Both positive and negative reviews can help, as long as they are not mean-spirited or attack an author directly.

Review Etiquette

As an author, it is not my place to tell you how to review books or what you should say, but there are some common etiquettes to follow shared commonly. Reviews are reader spaces, even if they impact books written by authors. I'm just here to share how helpful it can be.

  1. Honest feedback, always. You are not allowed to be paid to write a favorable book review.

  2. Be considerate in your critiques. For example, you can say there are typos in a book, but don't say "this author is an idiot for missing so many simple spelling errors."

  3. Be mindful of trigger warnings and content warnings. Many books have them now (the Creature Cravings books have them at the beginning of each book and on the ​books page of my website​). They are there to help you know if a book is right or wrong for your reader needs. Don't read a warning, realize there is a topic you don't like or feel comfortable with, and then continue to read and review the book negatively for the content that you were warned would be there. Simply DNF (do not finish) or skip books that aren't for you. Respect your needs and the warning the author provided.

  4. Do not tag an author in a negative review on social media. If someone posted about a book and tagged the author and it's positive, don't comment on that post saying you didn't enjoy it. Feel free to engage that conversation with the poster separately in a DM or another post. This directly puts negativity in the author's line of sight because they are tagged and it's up to the author to determine if and when they want to read their reviews. While reviews are helpful, not every author wants to read them. It's a personal choice and boundary we should all help maintain.

  5. Don't judge other readers. Reading is subjective, what is a masterpiece for one reader may be trash for someone else. One person's favorite trope could be a triggering one to others or just not interesting. Be kind when sharing your opinion and in conversations with other readers. We are all here to enjoy reading, let your peers have fun in a safe space without judgment.

Review Bonus Tips

  • If you want your review on Amazon to stand out and get more "thumbs up" than others, include a photo with your review. Reviews with photos have more of a chance of showing up first on a book page.

  • Share comparable books in your headline to quickly give an opinion. For example, "Fans of X will like Y."

  • Always cross-post reviews to help your favorite books get more exposure. Some of the most helpful places to leave reviews are Amazon, Bookbub, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads. The retailer sites can often help a book more than Goodreads, for example. Even when a book is available on multiple platforms, most books are still purchased on Amazon, so that should be the first place you go, however there are many readers that only use Apple Books - for example. Reach readers where they are.

And, you guessed it, I'm now going to ask you to review my books!

If you have read the Creature Cravings series, ​click here​ to get a directory of all available retailers that have the book. You can click from there to go to Amazon or other sites you want to review the books.

If you are a Bookbub user, ​find me here​ to leave reviews.

Was there any review insight here that you didn't know? Anything surprising? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Talk to you soon, Little Creature.


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