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The Creature Cravings Series Timeline Order

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

As part of the Creature Cravings reading order series, we have a list of when to read each book based on the time it takes place.

Note, certain releases are set at different times within the books, even if they are released after another. Production order does not imply timeline order. The timeline guide will be updated as more books are published.

Haunt and Only are set during each other. Only is set part-way through Haunt, with Haunt having events before and after Only.

Despite Only being set partway through Haunt, I recommend readers start with Only so they have additional background on the characters of Haunt before reading.

Blaze takes place after the epilogue of Haunt. Timeline wise, this is book three, even though it was the second release.

The events of Blaze lead directly into Bite, set one week later.

More books will be added to the timeline as books are announced and released.

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