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The Creature Cravings Series, Volume 1, is Complete!

Updated: Apr 18

Volume 1 of the Creature Cravings series is complete, with the following four books:

The theme for these four books were paranormal beings that were humanoid - meaning they looked human. We featured angels, ghosts, energy vampires, blood-sucking vampires, chaos demons, and witches.

Each book had a heavy dose of spice and a happy ever after, but featured different tropes per book.

What is next for the series?

We are taking a small break from creating new books, but it won't be a break from releases. I have several plans for 2024 already shared in detail with my patrons. The plan may change as things develop, but my patrons always get the first scoop.

However, I can share officially here that the Creature Cravings series will have an omnibus for volume 1 released in the first half of the year, with bonus content included.

As of now, Only had not had a physical release, so this will be the only way to get this book printed.

The fifth book will also be released in the second half of the year. Here is our couple reveal on Instagram.

What is the theme for volume 2?

As of now, volume 2 will feature non-humanoid beings. Some will be more monster-like, while others will be creatures that can transform from human to another form and back.

Join my mailing list to get more reveals and content as it becomes available for next years releases. Just because the fifth book is coming out towards the end of the year, doesn't mean it will be the only fiction from me next year. Happy reading, Rachel

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