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Welcome to Lily Hills - The Town in the Creature Cravings Series

Updated: Apr 18

The Creature Cravings series is getting a small update. Bite is the first book to have this change. At the beginning of each book, you will see the Welcome to Lily Hills introduction. Read it below!

One of my regrets with the Creature Cravings series is that the town wasn't a cohesive presence. While The Crystal Witch store is mentioned in each, I wanted to anchor the locations further.

And so Lily Hills is born.

Nestled in the quaint town known as Lily Hills and its surrounding busy cities, there are many creatures craving love. To the unsuspecting traveler, Lily Hills looks like any other small town with a few oddities nestled between—but beneath the surface, it is a haven for the supernatural.

Lily Hills is the center point in an area of magical activity, a place where monsters and beings of extraordinary abilities are drawn to come and play.

Enjoy the warm embrace that is the Creature Cravings series. In Lily Hills, love is for all, not just the humans. Won’t you stay awhile?

Whether you're a fresh face to the series or a longtime Little Creature, every installment promises a standalone quick read filled with spice, world-building, different tropes and themes per book, and the enduring belief that love knows no bounds.

For a list of tropes and content guides per book, visit While you are hanging around, the author would love to hear from you! Record your reader reactions and share them with the author on Instagram or TikTok by tagging @rachelhdrake.

If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS), it's similar to the Hellmouth where creatures are drawn to the city more than other places, with some spillage of activity in surrounding areas.

But these creatures are very open-minded to love with humans 😅

Every book will have some updates applied to the series to mention Lily Hills. It will be a few sentences per book. Another change happening in this update is the tagline on the covers of the books will say A Creature Cravings Novel on the front of each book to further anchor them together.

If you want the books as they originally looked, purchase the physical copies before January 2024. These changes don't impact the plot, but I wanted to give you notice.

As always, the Creature Cravings series can be read in any order!

Here are some cute inspiration pictures I created with Midjourney as I was exploring and brainstorming the world. Of course, Lily Hills is not actually purple, but I do imagine it to have a few sweeping hills, many small old homes, cobblestones, and different subsets of store sections including the "Witchy Playground" where The Crystal Witch sits:

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