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Blaze by Rachel H. Drake

Find your Creature Craving with Blaze, an energy vampire romance novella with a lot of spice.

An Energy Vampire & Demon Romance

I’ll burn the world for him. 

It’s not common knowledge, but energy vampires can feed on emotions other than pain. Not that this has helped me any, because I crave feeding off the hurt and shame men feel when I turn them down. 

But my cycle of nightly destruction changes after I meet Asher. He’s been watching me and second-hand feeding on my work each night. When I discover he is also taking credit for my chaos energy, I’m infuriated.

But his offer of collaboration is one I can’t ignore, especially after I discover why he’s so desperate. If doing what I do best can save this cute puppy of a demon from his treacherous crime lord family, then I will do whatever it takes.

They wanted a cut-throat son. They got his lover instead.

And they will pay for what they have done.

Tropes & Kinks:

  • Crime Lord Family, Praise, Touch Him and Die, Good Boy, Degradation, Alpha Female

Potential Triggers:

  • Degrading content in sexual experiences by a consenting couple

  • Physical violence and depictions of murder

  • Discussions of a supporting character forced to wed and have children across multiple generations

  • Depictions of a violent family setting and physical abuse

  • Discussions of feeding on energy by an energy vampire that has parallels to drug use and eating food


Families and couples shown in this work should not be seen as a depiction of healthy relationships.

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