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Creature Cravings Series Reading Order

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Because the Creature Cravings series is an interconnected series, that means there is no set order and you can choose your next book randomly. However, there are four main paths to choose from if you want to pursue the books intentionally.

Option 1: Depending on Your Craving

  • What is your favorite trope? The Creature Cravings series features many different trope varieties and has different content guides and trigger warnings for each. Head to the books page and read each content guide to pick based on mood.

Option 2: Based on a Relationship

  • Are you focused on the interconnections? You can explore how each character knows the other and base your read on those connections. For example, Emily in Haunt is related to Kiera in Blaze, so reading those two books one after the other is a great idea. More relationships will be revealed as the books get published. Read about each featured relationship with this web map.

Option 3: In Timeline Order

  • Are you a purely chronological reader? This guide shows you where each story takes place. Note, certain releases are set in different times within the books, even if they are released after another. Production order does not imply timeline order. The timeline guide will be updated as more books are published.

Option 4: The Rosalen Timeline

  • Following our Rosie, you can read only her scenes in each book should you choose too. Rosie is an interconnecting figure in the series and is featured in some way in all of the volume one books (published between 2022 - 2023). Read the guide for a list of all chapters Rosie is in.

How did you decide to read the series?

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