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The Creature Cravings Volume 1 Omnibus - Live on Kickstarter

On May 23, the Creature Cravings Volume 1 Kickstarter launched. As of today, June 7th, we're about to hit $2,000 in funding! That's 350% over our goal and there are still two weeks left.

Last year when Bite's Kickstarter exclusive edition was live I learned so much. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do it bigger and better this year

The Creature Cravings series has been said to be the perfect series of novellas to fluff your TBR, help you relax, and cure you of book hangovers in-between high fantasy reads. I'm excited to share that with you! Whether you've already read the series or not, this bindup comes with exclusive content never published before.

In CCV1 we have all the humanoid creatures and romances in the first four books: Only, Haunt, Blaze, and Bite, with bonus content following the characters years after the releases. New in this release is the five year wedding anniversary party of Emily and William, and previously released (but never in physical format) is Astoria's bonus epilogue. And more!

Together with character art and new covers (two different options between hardback and paperback), the Kickstarter release also comes with exclusive swag gifts not available anywhere else.

This edition with the swag and digital signing page is available to purchase on Kickstarter until June 23rd, 2024. Come join us!


❤️ Will the omnibus be on retailers?

🔥 They will be, estimated in December! Get them first on Kickstarter with an early release and other exclusives.

❤️ Will the swag be available to purchase or Kickstarter exclusive?

🔥 50/50 - The stickers and cards may eventually be on my site, the art prints will be KS exclusive as of now.

❤️ Will books be signed?

🔥 They will include my digital signature on Kickstarter, but not on the retail edition. After my last Kickstarter, I had to deal with the fact that big signings weren't comfortable for my hand injury. I do have stickers plates available on my website if anyone wants my hand signature for an extra fee, but it will not be offered on the KS.

❤️ Is there any new content in the omnibus?

🔥 Yes! I am writing an entirely new scene, Emily and William's five year anniversary party, which will feature all characters, including some you haven't met yet.

❤️ When is Only coming out in physical format?

🔥 Paperbacks and hardbacks of Only will be available this summer, as well as bundled in this omnibus.

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