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All About Rosalen, the Owner of The Crystal Witch

Rosalen McKinny, often called Rosie by her friends, is the owner of The Crystal Witch.

In the Creature Cravings series we learn a lot about the most powerful witch in Lily Hills. I will share some of those facts here, without sharing too many spoilers about her fate in her solo book, Bite.

While she is a caring witch that loves to help her community, until the events of Bite, she is fairly lonely. She has been burned before and tries to keep her connections limited because she finds most people care for her because of what she can do for them, rather than for who she is.

Rosie and Astoria, from Only, are cousins. While Astoria herself isn't a witch, she has some sensitivity to reading energy because of the presence of magic in her family.

Rosie's mother died when she was a sophomore in college, shortly after meeting Rosie's boyfriend Octavius Michaels and Otto's mother Alexis. Rosie and Otto had been dating for a year at this point. They later broke up at the end of junior year in college, when Rosie fstarts to feel like he won't accept her life in the magic community while he was pursuing a life in academia for literature or poetry.

The rose quartz heart necklace that Rosie wears was a gift from her mother. The only belonging that Rosie kept after her mother's passing was the family grimoire.

Rosie from the Creature Cravings series
Rosie in college, created with Canva AI apps.

Rosie is older than most of the main (human) characters of the series, in her mid-thirties at the time of Bite. After her and Otto broke up in senior year of college, she went and traveled the world to further study her craft, stopping in to visit her dad in Europe with his coven for part fo the time.

When she came back to Lily Hills, there was development starting no a new block of buildings. She bought one of the spots and opened The Crystal Witch shortly after.

Rosie's specialized in energy readings, Tarot, crystals, and more for her customers. The only other worker at The Crystal Witch is Marigold, a fairy Rosie helped acclimate to city life.

Delilah, the magical cat, often assists Rosie in her spells, coming and going as she pleases. Rosies insists that Delilah does not belong to her. Read more about Delilah in our last featured character post.

Learn more about Rosie personally in her solo book, Bite, where she rekindles her relationship with Otto after a spell goes awry and they are tied together energetically.

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